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Clear Span, Column-Free Metal Building

Clear Span Steel Buildings

When you need a custom steel frame building that provides wide open interior spaces, clear span framing is the perfect choice.

What sets clear span metal buildings apart from other buildings is its use of a column-free framing design, which works great for metal barns, warehouses, airplane hangars and more. This unique frame style requires no interior support columns, which leaves the inside of the building open and without barriers that may hinder movement or the rearrangement of floor plans.

A Variety of End-Use Applications

Clear span metal buildings are the most common type of metal buildings Heritage provides, and this popularity is not unfounded. Clear span buildings offer the space and versatility needed to function in a variety of end-use applications, such as:

  • Agricultural Buildings - Whether storing animal feed, supplies or equipment, clear span metal buildings provide the large storage spaces needed for agricultural uses. The column-free design also allows for easy maneuvering of farm equipment storage.

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings - A great choice for factories, warehouses and other commercial uses. With no load-bearing beams within the interior of the structure, clear span metal buildings allow for easy rearrangement of floor plans to suit your specific needs.

  • Aircraft Hangars - The flexibility of our clear span metal buildings is ideal for an aircraft hangar. Since you need column–free interiors and wide open floor space, this spacious design is perfect. You can easily maneuver one or multiple small aircrafts within the same hangar. We can also help you design aircraft hangars with higher eaves to accommodate larger aircraft.

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