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Interior Columns

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A modular building (with interior columns) is specially designed for large buildings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, truck terminals, and retail stores. Interior columns are either built up ‘H’ columns or pipe columns that provide additional support to the main frame rafter, allowing the frame to be lighter. ‘H’ columns are mandatory in a building with a top running crane.

Specify the interior column spacing of your building, starting from the front sidewall (Workpoint B on the Building Orientation Diagram).

Maximum interior column spacing (module spacing): 100’
Minimum interior column spacing (module spacing): 20’

Interior Columns

Interior Columns

Specify if you want “pipe” columns (standard) or ‘H’ columns. If you do not have a preference, we suggest pipe columns, as they are more economical. You can only use one type of interior column in each building.

If the interior columns are recessed below the finished floor, specify the distance they are recessed. This is often done to make the top of the anchor bolts flush with the finished floor. A second pour of concrete is then made around the interior column to totally hide the base plate and anchor bolts of the interior column.

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