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Farm Storage Buildings | Steel Agricultural Storage Buildings | Custom Metal Buildings

Farm Storage Buildings for Supplies, Animals or Equipment

While the custom metal buildings available from Heritage can be used for a variety of agricultural purposes, one of the most common is farm storage. Those in the farming industry have long used steel farm buildings to help them maintain an efficient working environment. A metal building from Heritage will provide ample storage space within a durable, economical structure that can be designed for a wide array of uses including:   

  • Supplies Storage – Based on your storage requirements, metal farm buildings can be customized to provide the space needed to store supplies that keep your farm running. Whether it's storage space for animal feed or a place for short- or long-term crop storage, agricultural metal buildings offer farmers a low-cost, versatile means of storage.
  • Animal Storage – Whether the cows on your dairy farm need a place to call home or you're looking into constructing metal horse barns, the farm storage buildings available from Heritage offer a cost-efficient, durable alternative to traditional barns.
  • Equipment Storage – While different farms use varying sizes of equipment, chances are every farm has at least some piece of large machinery. From tractors to combine harvesters, farmers need a place to store and maintain their equipment when it isn't in use. Options such as metal barns and our clear span metal storage buildings give farmers the extra open space they need to effectively use and maneuver equipment within the structure itself.

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