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Metal Storage Buildings for Residential Use

When you are in need of a little extra space around the house, but can't seem to find it, metal storage buildings from Heritage Building Systems may be exactly what you're looking for. Our prefabricated storage buildings can supply you with the added space your home or garage may not be able to provide. Whether it's a backyard shed to keep your lawn care equipment in or a larger miscellaneous storage structure, at Heritage, we can help you design a metal storage building to meet your specific needs.

To learn more about how mini storage buildings and larger residential storage buildings from Heritage can solve your storage needs, contact us today. If you already know the kind of storage building you're looking for, you can also request a quote right now.

Why Choose Heritage Metal Storage Buildings

The reason so many people choose Heritage for their residential storage needs is because the metal storage buildings we provide are customizable to your size and space specifications. For those with more space on their property we can help design a larger storage building. For those with space limitations due to property, community, or homeowner's association restrictions, we can provide mini storage buildings that take these restrictions into account.

In addition to being customizable to your needs, the metal buildings provided by Heritage offer a variety of other benefits as they are:

  • Cost-Effective - Prefab metal storage buildings can cost less and generally take less time to construct.

  • Low Maintenance - Steel does not rot like wood structures, is easier to clean, and requires less overall upkeep.

When you buy a metal storage building from Heritage, you can count on a low-cost, quality solution to your residential storage needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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