Posted on June 30, 2017 by Heritage

Along with metal buildings, Heritage offers a range of roll-up doors from light-duty to heavy-duty as an accessory to your building package. From beginning to end, we can fulfill all requirements for your steel building. Below we will look at some of the benefits of roll-up doors.


Longevity of a building and all its components is important to building owners. An appealing feature of roll-up doors is that long term, they require low maintenance and are easily replaceable. The 26-gauge steel roll-up doors provide durability for high traffic areas where frequent wear and tear are expected.


Weather Tolerance

Steel is a strong and sturdy option for weather durability. Steel roll-up doors offer your business protection from harsh environments. Wind certified and rust resistant steel are excellent options when choosing the right roll-up door for your weather proof needs.



The safe storage of goods, whether in a warehouse or self-storage facility, is important to all business owners. With reinforced steel and a variety of locks for securing, roll-up doors offer a safety feature against circumstances outside your control. Protection from threats such as vandalism and fire is just one of the reasons roll-up doors are sought after by business owners.


Cost Efficiency

Roll-up doors are less costly than regular doors upfront and their long-term use and range of benefits far outweighs any cost incurred by the owner. With energy efficiency and less repairs needed over the lifespan, metal roll-up doors are the perfect option for a cost savings investment.


The benefits of roll-up doors are important considerations for a metal building owner when choosing accessories to complete their project. By offering accessories, like roll-up doors, with our metal buildings, we provide the total envelope solution for your building needs.