Posted on September 27, 2018 by Heritage

Metal churches are becoming an increasingly common occurrence across worship facilities. But, why should you choose to build your church with metal as opposed to some other building material? From ease of installation to minimal general upkeep, metal churches give way to efficiency, affordability and cost savings. Here are a few reasons why you should consider building a metal church.



Save Time and Money with a Steel Church

A steel church can shave time off your building schedule, provided you have a general contractor in place, as installation can be completed in a quicker timeframe than other conventional building materials. What about upkeep? Occasionally, metal panels will need to be replaced and precautions taken when inclement weather is forecasted, but overall the general upkeep of metal buildings is very minimal.


A Metal Church Customized for your Congregation

Churchgoers search to find their church home, therefore, outfitting your church to meet the needs of your congregation is important. Church buildings aren’t just a sanctuary room or worship hall. Modern churches are often comprised of childcare rooms, offices, a fellowship hall, music or rehearsal rooms and other spaces in order to make the church functional. Whatever your congregation’s needs, we can accommodate to have the building fit your church home.


Steel Church Size…Is it a problem?

We’ve mentioned before that a common misconception of metal buildings is that they are only suitable for small sheds or carports. However, metal buildings exceeding 1,200 sq. ft. are more cost effective than other building materials. Steel churches can span large areas and Heritage is equipped to provide you with a building to fit your size requirements. If you are wanting a wide-open space for your worship hall, a clear span frame building would be the perfect answer. Clear span provides you with a column free framing system and the versatility to use the space however you choose.

Contact your local Heritage representative for more information on steel churches.