Posted on July 12, 2017 by Heritage

In addition to our last blog posting on the benefits of roll-up doors, the industries in which you are most likely to find roll-up doors is just as important. Depending on the industry, you will want to choose the appropriate light-duty or heavy-duty roll-up door for your building package. Across industries, we can fulfill all requirements for your steel building. Below we will look at some of the industries that roll-up doors are most utilized in.

From commercial to self-storage, roll-up doors are used across a variety of industries.

Commercial Applications

Roll-up doors are used commercially by a variety of businesses. The loading docks of large grocery store chains routinely come equipped with multiple roll-up doors as a means for delivery trucks to easily unload products into the store’s receiving or stock area.

Warehouses and distribution centers are one of the most common users of roll-up doors. No matter the goods flowing through a warehouse or distribution center, daily large loads of such goods require space. Roll-up doors make the unloading and loading of goods into an establishment a much easier process. A regular door would hinder the efficiency and effectiveness that are commonplace in the warehouse and distribution industry.

Agricultural Applications

In the agricultural industry, roll-up doors are highly prominent across ag buildings. With large equipment such as tractors and trailers, it is no wonder why roll-up doors would be the option of choice for entry and exit points to barns and storage buildings. Ag buildings are also heavily trafficked areas, so roll-up doors make for a sturdy and durable option.   

Self-Storage Applications

Self-storage facilities are another common consumer of roll-up doors. From RV and boat storage to mini-warehouses, roll-up doors make for a convenient entry point for storage facilities. Often, large pieces of furniture and heavy items that are moved on dollies require larger openings into and out of storage units. Regular doors cannot accommodate for such large dimensions. Roll-up doors offer solutions to these otherwise would be problems for storage facility owners.


While these are just a few of the industries in which you can find roll-up doors, their prominent visibility is seen across many industries. By offering accessories, like roll-up doors, with our metal buildings, we provide the total envelope solution for your building needs.