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Hypersteel™ cold-formed buildings offer the fastest design and production within our building solutions portfolio.

Hypersteel steel buildings are engineered and produced in just a few weeks, offering easy installation and reliable performance.

Built Fast. Really Fast. 

Efficiency lies at the core of Hypersteel buildings, starting with our innovative cold-formed manufacturing process. By employing cutting-edge metal bending techniques instead of welding, we harness the strength of steel to maximize durability with a lightweight structure.  

More Speed, Less Complexity  

The Heritage Buildings Systems team optimizes efficiency in every stage of your building journey. Our streamlined design and ordering software simplify the entire process, providing complete transparency and support throughout your project. With our proprietary design features, lightweight components, and clear installation details, there’s typically no need for large teams, heavy equipment, or specialized labor to get your building up an operational. 

Don’t Settle for any Conventional Buildings 

Learn how Hypersteel buildings stack up against conventional alternatives in our informative infographic. 


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From A To Z - Purlins: Your Cold-Formed Building Questions Answered.

Steel excels beyond many other building materials with its outstanding strength, durability, and versatility. Its robust characteristics enable it to withstand heavy loads and provide structural stability, all while displaying resistance to pests, fire, wind, rain, and snow. The flexibility of steel empowers designers and builders to easily tailor it to specific project requirements. Moreover, steel's recyclability at the end of its life cycle contributes to a more sustainable construction industry. In summary, steel offers long-lasting strength, unparalleled durability, design adaptability, and tangible environmental benefits, making it an excellent choice for construction projects.

Yes. Cold-formed steel buildings are just as strong as other steel buildings when designed and constructed properly. With proper engineering and adherence to building codes and standards, cold-formed steel buildings can meet the required strength and structural performance criteria for a wide range of applications.

With proper maintenance, steel buildings can last for several decades. The duration of their lifespan depends on several factors, including the quality of materials, construction techniques, climate conditions, and regular maintenance. By using high-quality steel, protective coatings, and conducting routine inspections, the longevity and durability of a steel building can be ensured.

The assembly of a Hypersteel cold-formed building typically requires power tools such as drills and impact drivers, along with hand tools like wrenches and hammers. Cutting tools designed for metal components, ladders or scaffolding for access, and safety equipment such as hard hats and gloves are also essential. Depending on the size of the building, lift and hoisting equipment may also be required.

Yes, steel buildings can be made energy-efficient by incorporating various measures. These include insulation, cool roof coatings, efficient HVAC systems and lighting, as well as a well-designed building envelope. Implementing these strategies helps to reduce heat transfer, lower cooling and lighting loads, and minimize overall energy consumption.

We have an extensive distribution network that allows us to ship our products anywhere across North America. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of building products, we are well-equipped to serve customers in numerous regions.