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31'W X 50'L X 15'-6" Metal Building

4:12 pitch Galvalume Plus 24-gauge PBR panel screw-down roof

  • 31x50x15-6 1
  • 31x50x15-6 2
  • 31x50x15-6 3
  • 31x50x15-6 4
  • 31x50x15-6 5
  • 31x50x15-6 6
  • 31x50x15-6 7
  • 31x50x15-6 8
  • 31x50x15-6 9


Contact Heritage at or (800) 643-5555 to buy this discounted building today!

Rendering shown is for representation only. Please reference the drawing and specs listed below for information. Pricing listed is exclusive of tax and freight.

  • Reference Number: 17-B-32928
  • Located in: Monticello, IA
  • Width: 31'-0"
  • Length: 50'-0"
  • Eave Height: 15'-6"
  • Roof Slope: 4:12
  • Roof Covering: Galvalume Plus 24-gauge PBR panels
  • Wall Covering: Signature 200 Saddle Tan 26-gauge PBR panels
  • Eave, Corner, Rake, & Framed Opening Trim: Signature 200 Saddle Tan
  • Framed Openings:
    • (2) 12'W X 14'H Framed Openings in Left Endwayy
    • (2) 3'W X 3'H Framed Openings with 3' Sill Height Field Located in Back Sidewall
    • (2) 3'W X 3'H Framed Openings with 3' Sill Height Field Located in Front Sidewall
    • (2) 3'W X 3'H Framed Openings with 3' & 13' Sill Height Field Located in Right Endwall
    • (2) 3070 White Knock Down Walk Doors with Lever-Lock - Keyed Alike
    • Building Code: IBC-15
    • Roof Live Load: 20 psf
    • Ground Snow Load: 50 psf
    • Roof Snow Load: 35 psf
    • Ultimate Wind Speed: 105 mph
    • Wind Exposure Category: C
    • Seismic Design Category: B
    Our Metal Building Closeouts are ready for purchase. Available for a limited time, these metal buildings are priced competitively to sell. Buildings listed here were designed for a specific location and that location's loads and codes, at the time. Accordingly, these buildings may not be appropriate for another location, or may require substantial modification to bring them into compliance with current building codes in your area. As such, Heritage makes no warranty regarding the suitability of these buildings for any loads, compliance with any codes, or appropriateness for any particular purpose. DISTRESSED BUILDINGS ARE SOLD "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER.