Auxiliary Framing

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Auxiliary Framing for Steel Buildings

Heritage has the skill and experience to handle the demanding requirements of the industrial and manufacturing environments with our auxiliary framing options for steel buildings.

We will work one-on-one with the specifications provided by your architects and engineers to ensure proper design of these complex systems, through the use of our auxiliary framing options for steel buildings.

Lean-to Structures

A lean-to is one of the available auxiliary framing options for steel buildings. It has only one slope and depends on  another structure for partial support. You can attach a lean-to to your metal building to cover an external staircase or protect an entrance from the elements. A lean-to is not the same as a canopy or purlin extension.

Crane and Mechanical Support

Another of our auxiliary framing options for steel buildings is a crane building, which is a complex structural system consisting of a crane with a trolley and hoist, crane rails, crane runway beams and structural supports. Upon request, these components can all be supplied in the building proposal.

We can design crane beams and rails for top running or under-hanging bridge cranes and monorail systems. We can also add the needed collateral loads or point loads to your steel building to support suspended ceilings, lights, air conditioning units, sprinkler systems, steeples or other fixtures.

Crane Types:

  • Bridge crane (top running and under-hung)
  • Monorail


If your structure requires an immediate floor just above the ground floor, Heritage can help with one of these auxiliary framing options for steel buildings. Working with your engineer or architect, or with your own specifications, we can design a mezzanine for offices, classrooms, corridors, balconies, and heavy or light storage. Depending on your design requirements, we will provide support for wood decking or a concrete slab.

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