Big dreams. Simple solutions.

With Simplisteel rigid-frame buildings, you get all the advantages of a rigid-frame metal building without added complexity. When expanding your passion project into something larger, Simplisteel products bring strong, reliable metal buildings within reach. 


Give your dreams space to grow

Don’t let limited space put a damper on what you’re working toward and striving for. Simplisteel products excel at giving you the space you need. Our products are ideal for spaces from 80’ to 100’ wide. So, when you need ample space to store your tools, equipment or pretty much anything else, we make the process simple.  

Simplisteel buildings provide a flexible interior space that maximizes space for organization. Our wide clear-span interiors accommodate future growth while allowing for customization as needs evolve. 


Simplisteel buildings: Your partner in dream fulfillment 

Our streamlined design and ordering software simplify the design, engineering and ordering stages, providing full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the project. Our proprietary design software provides clear installation details and accommodates a variety of foundation options for jobsite flexibility to get your building up and operational.


What Dreamers Want

More Space: Entrepreneurs often face space limitations, but we all know big dreams know no bounds.

Greater Simplicity: Thanks to our expert sales team and Authorized Builder network, you will receive proper guidance through the construction process, so you can focus on what really matters—your passions.

Durability and Weather Resistance: When you choose Simplisteel products, you’re not only protecting what you have, but investing in what you can achieve. Your big idea is safeguarded in a Simplisteel building.


What Simplisteel Buildings Offer

Ample Space for Growth and Expansion: Simplisteel buildings can easily accommodate future growth and customization as passions evolve, providing a flexible interior space that maximizes potential and creative thinking.  

A Simple Solution: Thanks to our expert sales team and Authorized Builder network, you will receive proper guidance through the construction process, so you can focus on what really matters—your passions. 

Longevity & Protection: When you choose Simplisteel products, you’re not only protecting what you have, but investing in what you can achieve. Your big idea is safeguarded in a Simplisteel building.  


Protect your passions 

With conventional structures, especially ones made with organic material, you’re not giving your passions the protection they deserve. With Simplisteel products’ robust construction, you get proven durability and weather resilience designed to protect the things you hold near and dear. This infographic will show you how our products stack up against the other leading building solutions.  


Inspire Bigger Dreams 

Build. Store. Protect. Simplisteel buildings can be used for a variety of applications and needs. Our inspiration guide is designed to help you envision all the ways Simplisteel buildings help bring your dreams to life.  

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Rigid-Frame vs. Cold-Formed

Different passions require different spaces. So, where does one start in comparing Simplisteel buildings with other options on the market? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a quick side-by-side comparison between Simplisteel buildings, our sister product Hypersteel™ cold-formed buildings and what else is out there.  

For instance, if your project needs to be up as soon as possible or requires a width under 70’, then a Hypersteel building may be right for you.  

Discover Hypersteel buildings


Ready to get started?

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Rigid-Frame vs. Cold-Formed

Building Type Simplisteel Rigid-Frame Buildings Hypersteel Cold-Formed Buildings


Building Size






Length – Up to 500′

Width – Up to 100′

Height – Up to 26′

(depending on codes, loads, and structural design)

Length – Any size

Width – Up to 70′

Height- 28′


Production Time Typically 6-8 weeks Fastest Option Available
Foundation Primary piers or footing Pier, slab, footing or “by others”
Mezzanine No Yes
Roof Multiple Geometries Multiple Geometries

Have a question? We have all your Simplisteel building answers.

Simplisteel buildings are for big dreamers with practical ambitions. They’re the metal building solution designed to bring passion projects to life. Affordable, durable and versatile, Simplisteel products are perfect for various personal and commercial uses, including budding entrepreneurial pursuits, workshops and repair sheds and so much more.

Simplisteel buildings bring the power of rigid-frame to simple building structures to provide highly durable buildings that customers can easily make their own. When it comes to simple metal buildings, Simplisteel buildings offer proven longevity and strength. This not only makes for a low-maintenance space, but also provides the comfort and reliable protection end users need for their greatest assets—including their hopes and dreams.

We like to think of Simplisteel products as a place to safeguard hopes and dreams. Want to house a vehicle repair shop, or perhaps open your own custom pottery studio? Simplisteel buildings can make it happen. They provide a durable and flexible space that’s not only easy to maintain, but also delivers the protection you need, thanks to reliable strength, longevity and weather resilience. There’s really no limit to what you can dream up for the interior.

Customizing a Simplisteel building is incredibly easy. Customers can adapt it as their passions evolve, including reconfiguring floor space and adding or removing partitions and shelving to create specialized areas for various activities. Simplisteel products include user-friendly customization options that make them the ideal spaces for pursuing a wide range of projects and business pursuits.

Simplisteel buildings are a low-complexity rigid-frame solution with various benefits and features. We recommend selecting an Authorized Builder from one of our builder networks; however, simple building designs can often be installed by those with general construction and building knowledge. Simple is the name of the game, after all. Need a little help? Speak with your sales representative about builder referrals.