With rapidly-changing weather conditions across the U.S. in the last few years, a stable and consistent environment is needed for cultivation of a wide variety of crops, including vegetables and cannabis. To protect crops from inclement weather and facilitate an environment where they can thrive, more people are turning to grow facilities for cultivation. If you are looking to build a grow facility, read on to learn how a Heritage building is the perfect choice.


Grow rooms require a very humid environment, and a Heritage building can stand up to this type of demanding condition. Unlike wood, steel will not rot, does not facilita mold growth, and is not susceptible to damage from insects. Metal buildings also stand tough against inclement weather conditions, including wind, rain, snow and seismic events.

Quick Construction Time

Buying a metal building from a single-source like Heritage instead of sourcing building materials from several vendors can improve the speed of the building erection by ensuring code-compliance of all provided materials, material accuracy and compatibility, minimal site disruption and more.

Large Clear Span Space

Some crops take a long time to grow, not allowing for much crop rotation. Because of this, plenty of space is required to take advantage of all the soil nutrient cycle. Heritage can provide a clear span, column-free building with wide open interior spaces. This frame style requires no interior support columns, allowing for additional interior space for more cultivation. And when you are ready to expand your operation, a Heritage building can be easily expanded.

Cost Efficiency

Pre-engineered metal buildings like those available from Heritage are a better investment both upon purchase and throughout the building lifespan. Not only does steel offer savings in the cost of the building itself, but also offers savings in construction site and labor, lowers climate control costs, reduces insurance premiums and are virtually maintenance free.


Building with metal has many green benefits. The long lifespan of metal buildings helps reduce usage of raw materials that are used to build new buildings and maintain existing ones. Also, choosing steel helps conserve natural resources, reducing environmental impacts. Steel components are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, minimizing the waste that ends up in a landfill.

To take the green impacts of your steel growth facility to the next level, you can consider selecting cool metal roof colors that reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. Also, our metal building products easily integrate with other building products, such as solar panels.

Just like you hold your crop to the highest standard, we hold our products to the highest standard as well. And you can always be sure our products will stand up to building regulations wherever you are building your growth facility. When you are ready to begin building, fill out this form to receive a fast and free quote.