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Customized Steel Building Solutions

A Variety of Customization Options to Fit Your Steel Building Needs

  • Heritage offers custom steel buildings for a variety of industries, including the commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational markets. 

    One attractive advantage to choosing steel as your building material is its versatility. Nearly every aspect of your Heritage steel building can be customized to desired specifications. Our experienced metal building consultants can help you select the framing, roofing and siding options that best fit your needs. Our custom steel buildings are available in a variety of colors. 

    Our metal building customizations go one step further as we'll help you choose from a variety of accessory options to create a building that works for you. Whether you need rolling doors, insulation, windows or skylights, our team can help you integrate these features into the design of your building. Contact a Heritage representative today to customize your steel building. 


    Since 1979, Heritage has completed over 40,000 steel building projects and maintained superior quality for our customers. Metal buildings offer many advantages over traditional materials, including durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and pest resistance. 

    Purchasing a steel building from Heritage gives you over 150 years of combined experience in pricing steel building kits. We also use the highest quality paints and raw materials to ensure the durability and longevity of every building we produce. Our ability to customize both simple and complex metal structures gives you the flexibility to design your building to any width, length or height with a variety of accessories.

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