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Why Choose Heritage?

  • The World’s Leading Metal Building Retailer

    Heritage has been designing steel buildings for 41 years. And the fact is, experience matters.

    Here's another fact: Our team of Metal Building Specialists have more than 150 years of combined experience in estimating and pricing steel building kits! Whether you’re in the market for something large and complex or something small and simple, we can meet your needs.

    There’s a reason Heritage Building Systems is among the nation’s leading retailers of pre-engineered metal buildings: We do them right. We manufacture strong, quality steel buildings. We use the finest paint systems for a variety of end-use applications. We offer a superior paint warranty that guarantees against peeling, fading, chalking or cracking.

    We can fabricate virtually any width, length or height metal building your project calls for, and our Hub and Spoke Distribution Network enables the delivery of your custom steel building kit to your jobsite quickly and economically. Our only limitation is your imagination. Let us help make your metal building project a success.

    Custom Options

    In addition to the basics of design, such as determining the width, length and eave height of your steel building, Heritage also offers additional customization options to explore.

    Throughout the design process, we'll discuss items such as downspouts and gutters, roof and wall insulation, and other accessory options in an effort to help create a custom metal building ideal for its intended end-use.

    When it comes to the look of your steel building, we offer a variety of color, roof, and wall options to choose from. Whether you are making a transition from concrete to steel, or attempting a traditional or contemporary style, we can tailor buildings to achieve your desired look.

    Let Heritage do what we do best – serve you, our valued customer – with a steel building custom-designed just for you and made possible through Our Integrated Business Model. If you're looking for a high-quality steel building solution, Heritage Building Systems is the company for you.

    Heritage Building Systems