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Steel Mini Storage Buildings

Big Possibilities with Steel Mini Storage

  • Heritage Building Systems is an innovator and leader in the steel mini storage buildings business. We helped develop the modern cold-formed self storage building and pioneered the use of computerized engineering and pricing systems.

    More than Self Storage Buildings

    Heritage is a valuable partner for you, whether you are an existing or new self storage businesses owner. In addition to the building, we’ll provide you with expert guidance on all aspects of the self storage business – lot sizes, unit mixes, security features, expansion plans and more.

  • Steel Mini Storage for Every Need

    We specialize in standard steel mini storage buildings, climate-controlled storage buildings and boat/RV self storage facilities. Each commercial building is uniquely designed to fit your business needs and best serve your customers.

    Whether you are expanding an existing steel self storage building, or starting a brand new business, Heritage is your best source for a high-quality and cost-effective mini storage facility.

  • Ready to start the manufacturing process for your mini storage?