Posted on August 9, 2017 by Heritage

Whether you’re a farmer or ranch owner, the need for proper storage for your farm equipment, livestock, and feed is essential. Metal buildings offer numerous advantages to the agricultural marketplace with their many uses as well as their benefits compared to post-frame buildings and barns.


Benefits to the Agricultural Industry:

Durability: Far sturdier than traditional buildings, metal buildings can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy snow, thunderstorms and extreme temperatures. Steel buildings are not prone to the same type of damage from weather as can be expected with wood. Protection from termite and carpenter ant damage is also a benefit in choosing a metal building for your agricultural purposes.

Efficiency: A steel building provides an abundance of storage space for supplies, animals, feed and equipment with endless interior options for aisles, horse stalls or separate rooms. Those in the agricultural industry have long used metal storage buildings to help maintain an efficient working environment.

Low Maintenance: Metal agricultural buildings require less maintenance than buildings constructed with traditional materials, helping owners save money over the life of the building by reducing on operating budgets as well as replacement projects.

Fire Resistance: Metal buildings offer a non-flammable and non-combustible material for construction. Compared to wood, it is eligible for different construction types under the building code. Composite metal buildings are an option and can be tested for fire resistance.

Cost Effectiveness: The high operating costs on a ranch or farm means that saving on long-term expenditures is a crucial part of making efficient choices early on. The benefits of long-term durability, efficiency, low-maintenance and fire resistance, to name a few, allow owners to reduce costs on their metal building.


Heritage provides the agricultural community with metal barns, farm storage buildings, steel riding arenas and  metal horse stables. Learn how Heritage can assist in your agricultural metal building project by contacting a Project Consultant.