Posted on June 17, 2021 by Heritage

A barndominium is a metal building that includes both a functional space and living quarters. The functional space can serve as a garage, shop, hobby space and more.

Why Choose A Barndominium?

Barndominiums are a durable, cost effective and energy efficient choice. They offer superior functionality with timeless rustic charm that will make you feel right at home. With barndominiums, enjoy the convenience of working in your shop or tending to your livestock without leaving your home. Learn more about the benefits of building a barndominium.

Energy Efficient

Metal barndominiums can be designed to deliver energy efficient performance you can count on. They can accommodate high-performance insulation options that will help keep the interior temperature consistent, helping to reduce energy usage over time.

Choose from a variety of cool metal roofing colors that reflect the heat from the sun instead of absorbing it, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs over time.

Quicker to Erect

Prefab metal barndominium components are custom engineered to fit your requirements, so they show up at the job site ready to install. This cuts down on time spent at the jobsite resizing raw materials, helping to save you money on labor. The prefabricated design of metal barndominium kits can also help you get moved into your home more quickly.


Metal barndominiums are a durable option that you can depend on for long-lasting performance. Compared to traditional building materials, our 26-gauge steel can stand up to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow, hail, wind and seismic events. Unlike wood, steel will not rot or warp and is not susceptible to damage from termites and other insects. If you choose metal roofing for your barndominium, enjoy a lifespan of up to 60 years which is more than double that of an asphalt roof.


With the rise of the modern farmhouse style, barndominiums have become increasingly popular. They offer the rustic charm that makes people feel at home with a touch of modernity.

Design Flexibility

Steel barndominiums offer superior design flexibility compared to traditional building materials. Easily customize the interior and exterior to fit your functional and aesthetic needs.

How Can I Customize the Interior of My Barndominium?

With the strength of steel framing, enjoy column-free spaces up to 150ft. With the reduced need for structural walls and columns, you can partition the interior layout of your barndominium to fit your family’s needs.

There are several options to consider when finishing off interior walls. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can opt for the more industrial look of exposed metal beams and panels or you can finish the metal framed walls with drywall or other traditional materials.

How Can I Customize the Exterior of My Barndominium?

Easily customize the exterior of your barndominium to create the curb appeal you’ve dreamt of. Whether you’re going for traditional rustic charm or a sleek modern look, steel barndominium kits offer a variety of exterior customization options.

Metal Roof and Wall Panels

Metal wall roof and wall panels are a durable option for your barndominium. They come in a variety of styles and profiles to fit your desired look. Choose from a broad selection of colors from natural tones to bright, eye-catching shades. Popular colors include Light Stone, Ash Gray, Charcoal Gray and Coal Black. Consider pairing Rustic Red panels with white trim to create the classic barn look.

Mixed Materials

The framing of your steel barndominium can be designed to support a variety of exterior wall systems including brick, stone veneer, stucco and more. To dress up the exterior of your steel barndominium, consider adding wainscotting.

Architectural Features

To add visual interest to the exterior of your barndominium, consider adding below eave canopies or eave extensions.

How Much Do Barndominiums Cost?

The durability of steel makes steel barndominium kits a cost effective option. The low-maintenance design of metal roof and wall panels can help save you money on repairs over the life of your building. Metal panels can be designed with high insulation values to conserve energy helping to reduce operating costs.

Their prefabricated design of barndominium kits also shortens the installation period, helping to save on labor costs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Barndominium Manufacturer?

When choosing a barndominium manufacturer, it’s important to consider the following:

  • How long has the manufacturer been in business?
  • Does the manufacturer provide customer service after the sale?
  • Do you like the projects that they feature in their project galleries?

To learn more about whether a steel barndominium kit is a good fit for your needs, reach out to one of our experienced project consultants.