Posted on August 30, 2017 by Heritage

You’ve decided that you need a metal building for your storage needs. You’ve considered buying a metal building but why spend more money to build something when you can just lease it? Let’s look at a few reasons on why buying a metal building versus leasing a metal building may be the right option for you.


A Metal Building to Call Your Own

Why deal with the hassle of making sure you send your payment on time to the building owner you are leasing from every month? The metal building owner might have stipulations on what you can and can’t store in the metal building.  Eliminate the headache of having to answer to someone else and make an investment by purchasing your own metal building.

Build to Your Specifications

You may need a 30×50 building for your storage needs. If you lease, you may be left choosing what is readily available and settling for an existing structures’ flaws and or features. You might end up with a building too large, causing exorbitant energy and heating costs or too small and be cramped. You preferred a larger, roll-up door for moving your equipment easily inside without scraping the swing door. You’d rather have a below-eave canopy as opposed to the tall canopy that allows for torrential rains to come underneath and penetrate the door and windows. Don’t settle for a hand me down. Purchasing a steel building allows you to build to your specifications. It ensures you get the right building, with the right amount of space and features.

Invest in a Long-term Solution

You may be thinking if you had the cash to buy a metal building outright, then that is what you’d do. Did you know that we only require a 20% down payment with the remainder being due upon delivery of your metal building? When you lease a building, you may be paying a smaller amount upfront each month but overtime, the cost of monthly payments will far outweigh the cost of buying your own metal building. Invest in buying a metal building and you’ll be investing in a long-term solution for your needs.


When you lease, you are receiving someone else’s idea of the perfect building. Why not build your own idea of the perfect building? Our metal buildings are designed and engineered to meet your needs. Contact a Heritage Project Consultant to explore how we can help you today.