Posted on July 26, 2017 by Heritage

As a prospective building owner, there are many unique, customizable features that can add appeal to your metal building. How do you know what features are right for your building? Our sales team does a fantastic job of covering these options during the design process. However, sometimes you many not know the right questions to ask or even what the right name is for a particular feature. Below we will go over some of the most commonly asked questions about features for metal buildings.


Liner Panel

Liner panels are interior walls of steel paneling. Often, they are 3-foot wide panels that are screwed to the framing, so the bottom of the panel must have a connection point to the base condition. They can extend the full or partial height of the building. Liner panels allow interiors a more finished, clean appearance and provide a protection barrier between insulation and the outside wall.


Used for decorative purposes as a design element, metal wainscoting is placed at the bottom edge around a metal building, usually 3 to 5 feet from the finished floor. Wainscot adds appeal to a usually large monotone area by breaking up the space with a different color and is generally the same material as used on the rest of the wall, however, we can accommodate for a different material, such as masonry or lumber. Wainscoting is a fairly inexpensive way to add an aesthetic feature to your steel building.

Below Eave Canopy

A canopy is part of the roof system that projects off the building and is usually supported on only one end. A below eave canopy is located below the roof line. Below eave canopies are a personal preference and provide added aesthetics to your metal building. A huge benefit to below eave canopies is elemental protection. If your steel building is tall, a regular canopy at roof height can allow rain and snow to blow under the canopy, directly impacting your building, whereas a below the eave canopy can provide protection for your building, door(s), window(s), and personnel at a lower height.


Make sure you ask about additional features or customizations for your next steel building project. Learn more about additional features of our metal buildings by contacting a Project Consultant.