Posted on January 7, 2021 by Heritage

One of the best advantages of choosing a metal building is the design flexibility that comes with it. The strength of steel framing delivers endless options to customize the exterior-look of your building. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, or industrial feel, there are a variety of exterior options to bring your vision to life.

Facade Options

Before the design of your metal building can be finalized, you must select the exterior finish. Depending on the finish you select, additional loads may need to be incorporated to account for the additional weight.

Corrugated Metal Panels

Metal wall panels are the strongest, most durable option for the exterior of your metal building. They are designed to stand up to the elements such as heavy rain and snow, high winds, insects and more. This makes metal siding a low-maintenance option for your building.

Metal wall panels come in a variety of styles, profiles, and colors to fit your vision for the exterior of your building. They are ideal for modern or industrial style buildings. Improve the energy efficiency of your metal building with insulated metal panels.


Stucco is an attractive and affordable option for the exterior of your metal building. It adds a natural touch and is often used in the southwestern United States. There are several different methods for applying it to the exterior of your metal building.

Traditional Stucco – Commonly used for residential structures and sometimes requires a spandrel beam

Stucco Panels – Can provide high thermal R-value and comes in a variety of colors

Stucco Flex – An economical, spray on option designed for direct application to the metal wall panels

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer offers the classic look of brick without the hassle. It is cheaper and lighter than real brick, attaching directly to the metal framing.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer offers a touch of natural sophistication at a lower cost and lighter weight than real stone. It comes in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes to fit your aesthetic preferences. It can also be used as an accent to highlight unique architectural features.


Consider installing wooden shiplap siding to the exterior of your building to add rustic charm.

Mixed Facade

To create a unique facade for your metal building that sets it apart from the rest, consider combining a variety of materials. This helps to add texture and dimension to the exterior of your building, highlighting its unique architectural features.

Metal Roofing Options

With metal buildings, enjoy the flexibility to customize the style, slope, and overall look of your roof.

Metal roof panels are a low-maintenance, durable and energy efficient option for your metal building project. They offer dependable performance you can count on. They are resistant to damage from heavy snow, hail, and high winds.

Metal roofing is available in a variety of styles, from screw-down to standing seam. Choose from several profiles and colors to fit the requirements of your project. Cool metal roofing colors are also available to improve the energy efficiency of your metal building.

Trim Options

Choose from a variety of trim options to add the finishing touch to the exterior of your metal building. Depending on the colors you select, trim can also add dimension and contrast to the exterior of your home. Trim options include:

Eave Trim

Covers the seam where the roof panels meet the sidewall panels on buildings with no overhang

Rake Trim

Angled to match the roof pitch, covering the seam where the roof panels and endwall panels meet on buildings with no overhang

Corner Trim

Placed at each corner of the building to cover the seam where the sidewall and endwall panels meet

Putting it All Together

Metal buildings are a versatile option that deliver flexibility in design. No matter what exterior finishes you choose for your metal building, you can still enjoy the strength and durability of steel framing. Metal buildings can be engineered to support a variety of facades to bring your vision to life. Finish off the exterior with a variety of roofing and trim options. To learn more about your design possibilities with a metal building, contact us to speak to an experienced sales representative.