Posted on July 26, 2018 by Heritage

We’ve discussed several key pieces of a metal building over several blog posts: basic components, features, accessories and bracing. Doors and windows go hand-in-hand when planning your metal building. With these important pieces in mind, it may be beneficial for you to learn a few technical words that are associated with doors and windows. If these words show up later in your Construction Drawings, you’ll be one step ahead!


Jambs, by definition, are the vertical framing members located at the sides of an opening and jamb trim runs vertically along the outer frame work of a door or window. A door jamb bears the weight of the door through its hinges and tracks when engaged. Most walk door latches and deadbolts extend into a recess in the walk door jamb. Overhead doors engage into the track or guide. Also, an optional jamb cover trim is available for the jambs.



In contrast to jambs, headers are the horizontal framing members located at the top of a framed opening. Header trim runs horizontally along the top of the outer frame work of a door or window. Like jambs, an optional header cover trim is available for the headers.


Framed Openings

Framed openings are 3-sided for doors and 4-sided for windows or air vents. Self-framing windows also don’t require a framed opening and can attach instead to the panels. A huge benefit of this option is that it’s low cost to attach a window to the panel as opposed to attaching to the framed opening. Red iron framing usually sits inside the framed opening, so Heritage also offers a colored jamb cover trim on the framed opening as well.


We hope these informational topics help further your knowledge on metal buildings and arm you with the knowledge you need to speak the metal building language. For more information, contact your Heritage project consultant.