Posted on May 31, 2019 by Heritage

The metal building industry is ever changing. Across the industry, we are currently seeing some common trends from business to business. If you are in the process of planning your metal building, these identified trends may help you better make decisions for your own project. Let’s discuss some of these trends.

Metal Building Color Trends

Color trends in the metal building industry vary greatly depending on end use, location, existing buildings, etc. Surprisingly, varying shades of gray are currently very popular. However, popular colors do fluctuate. Red, for example, is a very popular color in the agricultural industry (i.e. see red barns). At Heritage, we have a wide array of colors to choose from for your next steel building project.


Metal Building Sizes

Metal building sizes range depending on the end use of the metal building. Most customers call with a general idea of the building size they are looking for. One of the more popular metal building sizes we get inquiries on is a 40 x 60. This is a popular size in both commercial and residential applications. Whether you are looking for a 30 x 30 metal workshop, a 20 x 100 mini storage or a 150 x 200 agricultural building, Heritage has you covered!


Metal Building Accessories

Like most things you purchase, such as a car or house, there are options for upgrades and/or accessories. Metal buildings have a wide range of accessories as well. Overhead doors, insulation, personnel doors, and gutters and downspouts are common accessories for a metal building. Trim is more of a staple than a trend; nevertheless, it is frequently requested. Trim gives dimension to your building, adds a pop of color (if you choose a different color than your building) and gives your building definition (a clean, sleek look). Heritage has all of these, as well as many other accessories for you to choose from.


No matter if you follow the current trends in the metal building industry or you have a random idea in your head that defies all normalcies, Heritage can help you create your perfect steel building. Call to speak to one of our project consultants today!