Posted on July 12, 2018 by Heritage

Have you been interested in starting a dog daycare or a pet boarding facility in your neighborhood? Haven’t figured out exactly where to begin? Metal buildings make for easy cleaning, sustainability, affordability and design flexibility which is important for animal facilities. Whether you’re looking for a large facility that has significant indoor space or a smaller space that still has the ability to maximize square footage, metal buildings are customizable for any size.


Metal Buildings Allow for Open Space to Run and Play

Both indoor and outdoor space is an important feature for boarding facilities. And, depending on your climate zone, outdoor space may not always be the optimum solution for all day pet care. Winter months can bring severe snowstorms and summer months can bring extreme heat. Metal buildings can be designed for climate control, allowing for open space – large or small – for indoor play activities and rest areas. You can also use an open-canopy design that allows for a shaded outdoor space.


Steel Buildings are the Perfect Solution for Kennels and Grooming

Pet daycares should have kennels for feeding and potential overnight boarding. Steel buildings are an ideal solution for pet kennels as well as grooming stations. Metal pet and dog kennels can also easily be designed for any square footage. Concrete slabs are poured prior to the erection of a steel building. Concrete floors allow for easy cleanup which is crucial when handling animals. Metal buildings are also available with partitions to create multiple individual rooms within it.


Sustainable Design & Daylighting

Metal buildings can be designed and constructed to be energy efficient, resulting in cost savings over the lifespan of the building. There are many solutions for gaining maximum efficiencies, including a balance of high-performance roof and wall insulation, doors and windows and foundation insulation. The metal is also comprised of more than 35% recycled material and is virtually 100% recyclable.

Another opportunity to enhance the energy efficiency as well as allow for natural light into the building is through daylighting. Using both skylights and electronic lighting controls to dim and turn off electric lights can reduce annual lighting energy loads by 35% to 55%.


Design Flexibility

Oftentimes metal buildings are thought of as a steel shed, but with today’s design technology, the metal building envelope can be designed with other architectural finishes, including stone veneers, brick veneers, EIFS, glass walls, insulated metal panels with a smooth finish installed vertically or horizontally and more. If you have a design in mind, speak with your project consultant to talk through the many options.

Metal buildings are also completely customizable and can be designed to meet any square footage requirements. There are also options to add additions to buildings if more space is required in the future.

For more information on metal buildings as the ideal solution for your pet boarding facility of doggy daycare, contact your Heritage Project Consultant today!