Posted on March 13, 2019 by Heritage

Southern states see exceedingly hot temperatures in summer, while northern states experience bitterly cold winters. Regardless of the location or season, sports are still played by millions around the nation. How does one plan around mother nature for sports? We build indoor practice facilities to accommodate our love of the game.


Benefits of an Indoor Practice Facility

An indoor practice facility provides a temperature regulated environment for athletes. Whether blistering cold or unfavorably hot, a well heated or air-conditioned environment provides a comfortable environment while staying protected from the elements outside the building. Weather also plays a factor in whether sports practices or scrimmages can occur. With an indoor practice facility, athletes can still train regardless of the spring showers outside. What type of indoor practice facility makes the most sense for construction?


Benefits of a Steel Building Indoor Practice Facility

A major benefit of steel indoor practice facilities is the affordability. Our metal buildings come pre-punched, pre-welded and provide a quicker construction time than wood or other building material alternatives. Contributing to the affordability and durability, there is generally minimal upkeep and low maintenance costs required with metal buildings. Metal indoor practice facilities are also energy efficient. Metal roofing systems, like Double-Lok, keep the roof tightly sealed and insulation helps contribute to the energy efficiency of metal buildings. Wide open spaces generally make for a better training environment when dealing with batting cages, indoor soccer or other indoor sports activities. To achieve this, steel building owners can choose a clear-span framing system for an uninterrupted open space.


Customization of Steel Indoor Practice Facilities

There are endless interior layout and customization options for metal indoor sports facility-owners. With a concrete floor, astro-turf or other surfaces can be laid. Metal buildings can also accommodate a number of rooms that a sports facility might require such as office space, storage rooms and locker rooms. Will the steel indoor practice facility be used as a home for batting cages? Heritage can plan for the higher ceilings required for your athletes to be successful. There are also numerous exterior customization options for facility owners to choose from. Metal building panels and trim come in a variety of colors to consider. Other options include walk doors, roll-up doors, windows and more.

No matter the sport, metal buildings are a perfect option for indoor sports facilities. Have a sports-related project you’d like to discuss? Contact Heritage today!