Posted on February 1, 2019 by Heritage

In our previous blog post, we discussed the difference between a through-fastened system and a concealed-fastened system. But where do standing seam roofs and screw down roofs come into play? What are the features of each? Let’s explore Heritage’s product offerings on standing seam roofs and screw down roofs to better help you decide what roof is the right choice for your metal building.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam roofs are concealed-fastening roof systems. If you missed our last blog post, a concealed-fastening roof system is where the roof panels are attached to the substrate with clips. Standing seam metal roof panels have fewer seams than traditional roofs, are tough and have a considerably long-lasting life. Heritage offers two standing seam roof options: Double-Lok® and Ultra-Dek®.


The Double-Lok® roof panel is a mechanically-field seamed, trapezoidal standing seam roof system. that’s designed to be weather-tight.



The Ultra-Dek® roof panel is a snap-together, standing seam roof system and have both air leakage and water penetration testing approval.

Both standing seam roof systems are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, offered in a variety of colors and come standard with a competitive paint warranty.


Screw Down Roofs

Screw down roofs are through-fastened roof panel systems. To refresh your memory, a through-fastened roof system (also known as an exposed fastener system) is where the roof panels are attached directly to the sub-structure with fasteners (screws or nails), that penetrate through the panel sheets and into the substructure. Our ribbed metal roof panel is easy to install, fortifies and enhances the look of your building.



The PBR metal roof panel (R panel) is a structural panel that is a durable and economical option. Frequently used for roof and wall systems, it has symmetrical, deep ribs, exposed fasteners and can be installed vertically or horizontally. This type of metal panel is ideal for a variety of applications including: residential, commercial and agricultural. Heritage offers the PBR metal roof in a variety of colors that come standard with a competitive paint warranty.


Still undecided on whether a standing seam or screw down roof is the right option for your building? Consult with one of our Project Consultants today!