Posted on August 14, 2018 by Heritage

When planning the layout of your steel building, one of the factors to consider is framing. While it may not be top of mind, providing your project consultant with a few important details can help determine what custom frame option would work best for your metal building.

Clear Span Frame Buildings

With no interior support columns, clear span framing provides you with the open space you need and desire. Clear span framing is often utilized in aircraft hangars, steel barns, sports facilities, manufacturing and warehouses. This open concept option allows you to move large objects like aircraft and machinery with no interference. Lastly, because clear span framing is just as durable as other framing options, the benefits of an open floor plan makes it a seamless option.

Multi-span Frame Buildings

The most cost-effective option for larger buildings is multi-span framed buildings. Multi-span framing is often seen in factories, large commercial spaces and manufacturing facilities. Unlike clear span framing, multi-span safely supports a heavier framed building’s added weight. In addition to interior columns providing support, they also evenly distribute the weight of the building. This option can reduce costs in larger buildings, particularly those approaching 100’ in width.


Single-Slope Frame Buildings

A single-slope frame building slants in one direction. You’ve likely seen this frame of building on a mini storage facility or a shopping strip center. They are known for being utility efficient and producing lower heating and cooling costs, making it an economical option for the owner.

Auxiliary Framing for your Steel Building

Heritage also handles extensions adjacent to your building, making your frame truly custom to your needs. A lean-to is an option if you required a cover for your building entry. Should you require height differences within your building for a stage or balcony, we can plan for a mezzanine. We also can design for cranes and additional support for air conditioning and sprinkler systems, for example, that distribution, warehouses and manufacturing facilities often require.


Heritage aims to provide you with multiple options for maximum customization of your steel building. Let one of our Heritage project consultants help you with your next metal building project.