Metal Animal Kennels & Shelters

Used for kennels, animal shelters & veterinary buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings are useful for all varieties of kennels, municipal animal shelters and veterinary buildings. Whether you need a high-quality building for professional dog breeders, trainers, pet hotels or condos or daycares, small and large animal vet clinics, or other animal related businesses, Heritage can satisfy your requirements. We manufacture steel buildings with the following options available: 

  • Addition of fiberglass or radiant insulation
  • Partitions to create multiple individual rooms within your building
  • Single & double-pane windows
  • Walk doors (with insulation)
  • Customizable design options

Why Choose a Steel Building?

Prefab steel buildings offer long service life, low maintenance and easy customization. Future expansion with growth of your kennel business is easy with these fully customizable metal buildings. Metal animal service buildings are fire-retardant and resistant to mold, insects and other pests. Keep your maintenance costs down and make an investment in your future with a metal building from Heritage. Our project consultants will work with you to create a layout to meet all your needs, including office space, storage and recreational space for animals.

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