Heritage specializes in designing industrial building solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our steel warehouse buildings are a durable, cost-effective and versatile solution for your industrial operation.

Our steel warehouse buildings are custom-designed to maximize efficiency and address operational needs. Choose from a variety of custom sizes to fit your business. With the strength of steel framing, enjoy up to 150ft. of column-free space. This allows flexibility to design the interior layout with functionality in mind. Easily create designated spaces for inventory storage, offices, break rooms, retail and more. Our steel manufacturing buildings can also be designed with high ceilings up to 60ft., allowing for efficient use of storage space within your facility. We can also accommodate additional loads for sprinkler systems, cranes and more.

Choose from a variety of metal building accessories such as large overhead doors, skylights, windows and more to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your manufacturing facility. Our steel buildings can accommodate large framed-openings that are ideal for large machinery and trucks. We also offer a variety of insulation options to keep the interior of your facility comfortable year-round.

The prefabricated design of our steel warehouse buildings makes them quick to erect, saving you money and time on construction. Our prefab warehouses also offer design flexibility for future expansion, so your facility can grow as your business does.

Our steel manufacturing buildings are designed for long-lasting performance you can count on to protect your valuable assets and machinery. They are resistant to damage from insects and moisture and are able to stand up to harsh weather conditions. We can also design our buildings to meet the specific wind and snow loads for your location. Check with your local and state code officials to find out more.


  • Inventory – Whether you need partitions or an open layout, our steel buildings allow for ample storage to keep your items secure and organized. As your business needs change, your storage can adapt to accommodate new levels of inventory. For moving large machinery or inventory in and out of the building, we also offer large overhead doors. We will work with you so that your inventory can be organized optimally to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Climate Control – For stored inventory that require specific temperatures, we offer a multitude of insulation options for climate-controlled buildings to preserve your products. Humidity and temperature controlled warehouses also create a more comfortable work environment for employees.
  • Moving Machinery – To operate moving machinery, Heritage will design your building with the space required to maneuver within the structure itself. Whether you need enough maneuverability to operate a forklift or are simply using your metal storage building as a place to keep other machinery when not in use, our team will work with you to account for important operations.

Contact Heritage to learn more about our industrial steel warehouse or manufacturing buildings.