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Steel Manufacturing Facilities & Warehouses

Durable Metal Buildings

Heritage understands crane usage, frequency and severity classifications, all of which are critical for accurate designs of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. We specialize in industrial building designs and our project consultants understand and anticipate the needs of warehouses, large scale factories and corporate distribution centers.

Steel is the most economical, versatile building material and with custom designs from Heritage, your steel warehouse building will be able to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions and allow your employees to operate any type of machinery. Due to flexibility in design, we can include ample square footage allowing for internal additions, such as offices for managers, while maintaining a clear-span of up to 200 ft. wide with column-free space. Steel allows us to manufacture buildings that fit all your needs and will last for years to come.


Industrial Operations

  • Inventory – Whether you need partitions or an open layout, our steel buildings allow for ample storage to keep your items secure and organized. As your business needs change, your storage can adapt to accommodate new levels of inventory. For moving large machinery or inventory in and out of the building, we also offer large overhead doors. We will work with you so that your inventory can be organized optimally to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Climate Control – For stored inventory that require specific temperatures, we offer a multitude of insulation options for climate-controlled buildings to preserve your products. Humidity and temperature controlled warehouses also create a more comfortable work environment for employees.
  • Moving Machinery – To operate moving machinery, Heritage will design your building with the space required to maneuver within the structure itself. Whether you need enough maneuverability to operate a forklift or are simply using your metal storage building as a place to keep other machinery when not in use, our team will work with you to account for important operations.


Contact Heritage to start the manufacturing process for your industrial steel warehouse or manufacturing building.