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Steel Retail Buildings

A Smart Choice for Business Owners

Heritage manufactures steel retail buildings to provide business owners with durable, low-maintenance structures that combine function and curb appeal. Our metal panels come in a variety of colors to match your branding and create an appealing storefront to draw in customers. Each of our designs is custom generated to fit your business’s needs. For example, apparel retailers can take advantage of our custom framed openings for mannequin display and business owners who don’t need wall options, only roofing options, can utilize our roof-only structures

Our metal buildings are also ideal for use as a strip center. With the clear-span framing capabilities, there's no need for interior support columns, so you can customize the layout of your metal strip center building. You can easily partition the interior, creating functional retail spaces within to accommodate tenant's needs. Improve the functionality of your metal strip mall by adding roll-up doors and walk doors. With the versatility of our steel strip mall buildings, you finish the exterior of your building by adding materials such as stucco, brick, stone or glass. 

Our project consultants will work with you to achieve the aesthetic appeal your brand requires and the interior layout needed to display products, store inventory, perform services and operate your business.


Commercial Buildings

Heritage has worked with numerous retail industries to create appealing shopping and service centers, including:

  • Strip malls
  • Auto repair shops
  • Medical practices
  • Convenience stores
  • Storage centers


Cost Savings

Steel has many advantages over traditional building materials, such as brick and stone, that will save your business money over time. Steel’s resistance to fire, termites, mold, mildew and extreme weather reduces maintenance costs and its energy efficiency reduces operating costs. While we do not erect the buildings, we ensure that you are equipped with all necessary materials and provide technical support. Buying directly from Heritage as the manufacturer also means that you will receive the best possible price. 


Contact Heritage to start the manufacturing process for your retail building.