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Metal Workshops

Create a more efficient work space for your project

Create an efficient and customized workspace with Heritage, whether it is for personal projects or shop space for your business. Our steel buildings are built with the highest quality steel for long-lasting durability. Custom design your metal workshop building to your specifications, from color options to a wide range of accessories. Add extra space to store cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.

Request a quote for your next metal workshop!

Custom Metal Workshop Buildings

Our buildings are custom designed to meet all local building code requirements. Buying directly from the manufacturer means you get the best possible price. Steel buildings’ clear span frames provide wide open and column-free interior space making it easy to customize your workshop’s floorplan. Another way to customize your workshop is by choosing from a wide range of color options. Try out assorted color schemes and combinations with our steel building color visualizer.

Our workshop custom features may include:

Heritage offers a wide range of metal building customizations creating the perfect metal workshop for your needs. Request a quote today to get started.

Steel Workshop Features & Benefits

Metal buildings also offer longevity that wood and brick buildings cannot match. Additional benefits of metal workshops include:

  • Minimal maintenance – Spend less time and money maintaining your metal workshop by choosing steel. The strength of steel makes it a durable and long-lasting building material option.
  • Energy efficiency – Another cost-saving feature of choosing a metal workshop is the energy efficiency of steel buildings. Add insulation to further increase the energy efficiency of your workshop.
  • Pest & Fire resistance – Metal workshops are resistant to pest and fire damage, giving you peace of mind that your equipment and stored goods are kept safe.

Work with our expert project consultants to determine your needs and create a design to fit your specific requirements. Contact Heritage to start the manufacturing process for your workshop building.



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