Posted on December 13, 2017 by Heritage

The most common question we receive from our customers is, “What is the price of the building and what will it cost me to have it delivered?” However, there are many questions to address before you receive your final quote. The quote will depend on what you want, what you need and balancing that within your budget. Let’s take a look at everything that goes into processing your building quote prior to manufacturing and delivery.

What is your role?

Identifying all parties involved in the building process is an important part of setting your building up for success. Are you the end user/owner or are you the general contractor? If you are the end user/owner, we want to know if you have a contractor in place or will be erecting your own building. If this is your first time purchasing a metal building, we want to make this process seamless for you. If you are the general contractor, we want to know what can we provide from our end to make the process of erecting smoother for you? It’s important for your Heritage project consultant to know your relationship to the project.

What will you use the building for?

Our Heritage project consultants will ask you about details surrounding the intended building. Acquiring the land first can assure that your setbacks, variances and zoning are accurate when ordering your building. When do you want to build? If you are looking to build quickly, Heritage needs to know if we can meet your deadlines for the specified date. If you are looking to build in the future, we have time to discuss and plan around that date. What will the end use of the building be? Determining the end use of the building, is an important factor to address. Planning for a horse riding arena versus a garage and workshop in your backyard require different conversations.

What accessories and additions are important to you?

There are several questions that need to be answered pertaining to building features that could affect the estimate you are given. Are you looking for a basic building or do you want to spend a little more to get features that are important to you? Determining what those features are could change the price of your building. Does your building need to have overhead doors or insulation? Because we work with many vendors to complete your metal building from top to bottom, we can include this in your estimate. We will ensure that we balance what you want, what you need and what is in your budget.

At Heritage, we build a relationship with our customers. We listen to your needs and never try to push product you don’t need. We believe in adding value by providing our customers with a wide variety of solutions to insure they are getting a building that will meet their needs at the best price possible. We engage with you throughout the entire process and prefer to have you as an active participant to ensure you walk away with the exact building you need.

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