Posted on September 14, 2017 by Heritage

When considering building a workshop or garage for your vehicles, tools, storage or equipment, knowing the differences between building materials gives you the advantage of making the right decision for your project. Wood construction is an inexpensive way to construct buildings, however, over time it is not always the most cost-efficient way to construct a building.


Advantages of Metal over Wood Buildings for Workshops & Garages:

Weather Tolerance: Deciding where you will store your tools and expensive equipment should come with piece of mind in knowing that they are safely protected from the elements. Protection from unfavorable weather conditions is a huge benefit in storing your assets in a metal building. Compared to the damage that a wood structure would sustain from extreme weather, metal buildings offer longevity that wood buildings just can’t match.

Energy Efficiency: With the cost that comes with constructing a workshop or garage, you shouldn’t have to worry about long-term energy expenditures. Metal buildings offer impressive insulating properties when fashioned with thermal insulation or insulated metal panels (IMPs) which offer higher R-values compared to wood buildings.

Pre-finished Materials: The advantage of pre-finished factory buildings compared to wood buildings is the savings in construction time, consistency and uniformity.

Pest Resistance: Don’t deal with the headache of un-welcomed pests that take up residence in or on your building. Steel buildings provide a defense against pests that destroy wood structures.

Low Maintenance: Due to the benefits of metal buildings listed above, their structure and panels require very little maintenance, reducing costs over the lifetime of the building. Wood structures wear down significantly over time and require continual upkeep to replace rotted, weathered and damaged pieces.


Our steel workshops and metal garages are designed and engineered to meet your needs quickly and economically. From the color, roof style, framing, trim, to overhead doors and walk doors, your metal building is tailored to your exact requirements. Let Heritage bring your metal workshop or garage to life by contacting a Project Consultant.