Posted on May 16, 2019 by Heritage

We have previously discussed metal building quotes and estimates. However, cost is still a big topic that we get questions on every day. Let’s break the cost of a metal building into even further detail.



Obviously, the size of your metal building is going to play a factor on the end cost. Generally, the larger the building or the number of buildings will cause the price to fluctuate. However, that also depends on a variety of factors like the paneling you choose and the accessories you add.


Do you need a foundation?

Is a foundation necessary for your steel building? While it won’t affect the cost of the building Heritage provides you, a foundation will add costs to your steel building’s total project cost. Heritage is not a general contractor and does not provide concrete, so you will need a general contractor or concrete contractor who specializes in foundations to lay it.


Where is your metal building’s geographic location? Location does make a difference due to snow and wind ratings, as well as many other job site specific details such as seismic activity and wind exposure. You’ll have to find out applicable codes and loads in your area for Heritage to provide an accurate estimate and design a building to meet those specifications.


What factors should customers consider when evaluating the price of a metal building?

There are a variety of factors to consider. In addition to the above items that will affect the price of a steel building, you should understand the additional costs that you may incur outside of the steel building. Do you own the land, or will you have to rent or lease? Likely you already have this part figured out as you’re already shopping around for a metal building, but we thought it worth mentioning. Construction costs will come into play when you hire a general contractor, or even when you DIY. If you decide to erect the building yourself, do you have all the right tools to do so or will you have to rent or purchase additional tools? Here are some tools that will be important to have on hand for a DIY job.


Is the cheapest really the best way to go?

Don’t get us wrong…we love a good deal as well. However, let’s discuss why scoring the cheapest metal building might not be the best choice. At Heritage, we do not make cheap metal buildings, but we are price competitive. You can expect the best quality of materials used for Heritage’s buildings and we’re backed by the leading exterior building product company in America.


We understand that cost is important to you. It’s important to us as well. But know that there are varying factors that can affect the cost of a steel building and ultimately the end cost throughout the erection process. We hope to have provided some clarity and hope that when you decide to build a steel building, that Heritage can be a resource for you.